Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Rain Day Activity - Cupcake Decorating

Our luck has it, that the first day of summer vacation it rained :-(  Now how to keep my boys happy yet pull them away from that dreaded wii (I despise that thing, for a number of reason, but when the weather is bad, and my boys are on my back, I sometimes go against my better judgement.)
I suggested cupcake decorating and got a great big sound of approval, and so it was.  I quickly whipped up a small batch of buttercream and took out some cupcakes from the freezer, and an activity was born.
My boys had a fun time, especially when I took out some fondant for them to work with.
My middle child, the non-vegetable eater, ironically, made a vegetable garden.  (and proudly announced that he will eat his vegetables)  My oldest, a boy after all, made the Montreal Canadians logo (Go, HABS, Go!)  My youngest made a fruit patch.
Was so much fun and a great way to spend some quality time away from electronics.  (although they finished only to run back to their video game)

playing with fondant

Thank G-d, after the not such great beginning, we've gotten much better weather for the first few days of this week.  Monday,we went to the waterpark at Kent Park with my sister-in-law and her son, if you're a Montrealer, or someone traveling here during the hot summer months, it's definitely worth checking it out with the kids. 
Tuesday, my kids played outside with neighbors, before heading to he park for a game of soccer.  My middle boy, was enrolled in an organized soccer game with a coach once a week.  This week was the last scheduled game, however, probably because it was one of those days between school and camp so everyone was off schedule, the coach and my son were the only shows.  Oh well!  The coach started some drills with my sons, but then gave up and went home when no one else came along.  
My boys still had a great time playing soccer, tennis and baseball.

The weather didn't keep up for Wednesday and today, but at least the boys have started camp so there is something for them to keep busy with for those 6 hours each day.

Enjoy your summer,

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