Friday, June 1, 2012

Savory Pizza

Purple Cookbook Challenge: Week 4, Day 6... and well on my way to my goal of at least 100 tried, photographed and reviewed recipes from the awesome Spice and Spirit cookbook.
Last night my family and I tried the Savory Pizza (Spice and Spirit, page 100).  With the blend of spices that was added with the cheese, the pizza was definitely savory.  Since my normally pareve oven had not been koshered since Shavuot (I bake more then we eat milchigs, so we use a toaster oven for dairy cooking) I took advantage and made large pies.  We all enjoyed the pizza, including the baby, who sucked on a piece of crust.
Have a good Shabbos!


  1. That looks like store-bought pizza! Did you make the sauce?

  2. I did use store bought sauce, but what really made it was the combination of spices (I never put basil before on my pizza) and drizzling it with olive oil.

  3. Pizza looks great, finding myself hyngry again.

    And I usually put defrosted basil cubes in my home-made tomato sauce, it's a winner!