Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Reno - Before and Afters

It's been a few days since I posted.  Been pretty busy these days.  Purim is coming closer, and that has been occupying my mind on full  throttle and I've been busy getting ready the rental in my new home. (They finally moved in on Sunday!)
So, Purim preps are well underway, and I'm not even talking about my family's Purim. Orders have been coming in for cookie bouquets, cookie cards, cupcakes and even a Purim birthday cake.  Basically, I have enough work to keep me busy without the costumes I have to sew and the Meshloach Mones I have no make for the kids to give out as well as for my husband and I.
As for my house, as I mentioned before, we purchased a duplex back in November.  The house was in basic good upkeep, but all original, except for the bathroom, which was updated.  We figured that it would be a quick job to fix up the upstairs to make in desirable for a tenant.
Our first job we wanted to undertake, was to remove the wall paper.  The former owner told us not to allow our tenant to take down the wallpaper, 'cuz its so nice and expensive to put up.  We just nodded our head, and said "of course!".   We should have taken warning from that of what we would find under the paper.  First of all, I should mention that there were 3 different patterned wallpapers in rooms that look into each other.
We rented a wallpaper steamer and started the job.   It was a lot more time consuming then we ever though.  That first week of work my husband went behind the mirror  closet door, to remove the wallpaper behind it, and that door shattered on top of me, no emergency room, but till today (4 months later) I still cannot bend my left pointer finger.  The doctor and x-rays don't see anything, so I guess it's just a present from the house I will live with.  Once all the wallpaper was down, we were able to see that all the walls were very uneven and we had to plaster a lot of cracks.  Over the past few months, we (I should be fair, he not we, but I did help some of the time) spent most of our weekends at the house scrapping, plastering, painting, etc.  I must say that at the end of the day, the house looks like a different place.
Dining Room - After
Dining Room - Before

Kitchen - After
Kitchen - Before
Kitchen -After
Kitchen - Before
Hallway -Before
Hallway - After


My husband awarded himself a week off... and then on to our next project... the basement!  (which is currently a concrete room)

Till next time,

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