Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Busy Pre-Purim Week

Hey!  Great to be back after 2 weeks of not being online.  Been a long, busy 2 weeks, and had little time at the computer to type up what I've been up to. 
First I spent 6 days in NY.  I haven't been there in 6 months, and although it was great to be back there, I didn't have a minute to breathe and take in what I've missed, since I was at all times busy with errands that had to be done there. 
I did get to Pomegranate on Coney Island Ave., which I haven't been to before, and was very impressed with their takeout and cheese selection.  In most stores, the takeout counters are a mess or at least not very appetising, yet at this store, everything looked so delicious.  The cheese selection was second to none, I did get to sample some of their house cheeses, and they were all amazing.  Although I've been told that their supermarket has a great selection, I didn't find that to be true.  Most kosher supermarkets have a bigger selection then them.  I did however like their fruit and vegetable aisle, which was well stocked with a nice variety.
Another store I went to, on my trip there, that I was impressed with is Jetro.  Its a restaurant and catering supply store.  I think it's only opened to the industry, to card holding members.  I got to look into whether there is such a store in Montreal, as I love the prices and selection they had. 
Got back home on Tuesday afternoon, to start to fill all my Purim orders.  I really had to hands full.  Gave over the last order on Friday at 3pm, with just enough time to make a Shabbos meal for my family (Thank G-d, this was a long Friday)  I did have to buy Challah this week, for the first time in years.
I had orders for 72 cookie cards, 14 cookie bouquets, and 9 cupcake platters  plus I had to bake my own cookie cards, pizza cookies for my kids and petit fours (sorry, in all the rush, I didn't get good pictures of those)
G-d willing, tomorrow I'll write up about how our Purim went and about our Purim theme (that is, if you haven't figured it out from my cookies ;-) ).



Have a great day,

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