Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purim 2011

So Purim came and went, and what a busy day it was. 
A few weeks before Purim, we get into the frenzy of themes, costumes and what to give for Mishloach Monot. 
Costumes ideas were thrown around, but nothing hit me.  I decided to go through some of my children's books for inspiration.  It hit me in "Mr. Potato Head Around The World".  My kids were going to be gondoliers from Venice.  I took out pictures from my recent trip to the Venetian in Las Vegas and had my inspiration for the costumes.  Took 2 nights of sewing plus ordering hats online (which I needed to make a new band for), and I was pleased with the end product.

Gondoliers at the Venetian

Now we needed a Mishloach Monat that could to tied in with our theme.  For the boys, we decided on pizza, fries and a coke.  For most kids, this is their favorite Italian food. 

For the adults, we decided to go with a pasta dinner.  I bought 20lbs of rainbow fassili in Jetro.  My kids sat with sanitized hands, for 4 hours, separating them by color.  I planned on making my own marinara sauce, but in the end (due to lack of time), repackaged store bought sauce.  I also included a piece of mozzarella cheese, some fresh garlic, a Rome tomato and a basil leaf for garnish.  I made Italian flag cookies as our Purim card which said "Buon Purim dalla famiglia Hagege" (Happy Purim from the Hagege family).  The Italian is thanks to my friend C.M., a born and breed Italian.


Purim was much fun, thanks to the spirit at all Purim parties.  Motzoi Shabbos, our shul had a masquerade pizza party, which was lots of fun for both kids and adults alike.  Sunday morning, we had a big breakfast after megilla reading, also at shul.  I was invited out for the Purim Seuda to a friend of mine, and boy did she cook up a scrumptious meal (Thanks G, for having us!)  The rest of the day I spent in the kitchen since I was so disorganised with my mishloach mones this year.  (thanks to being out of town the week before and having lots of orders, BH, to fill)

One of the non-theme Mishloach Monas which I also gave out.

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