Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Around The Dinner Table Got Nominated For The Stylish Blog Award!

So, we were told that we in Montreal are on the tail end of the storm that has been disrupting everyone all over the Midwest and the northeast coast of US and so we were to have around 5 centimeters today (around 2 inches). Right!  It's like a blizzard out there.  I had to bring my car into Toyota for servicing today.  I called my husband and told him whats being said on traffic report about pile ups all over, telling him that maybe I should go another day.  He said the weather isn't that bad, and I will do just fine, I should just be careful.
He was so confident, but he wasn't the one driving.  The average speed out was 20 km or 10mph... and even at that speed, the roads were slick.  I made it there in one piece, but smelled tar burning when I spun trying to get up the hill to the Toyota garage.
Well, I'm home safe now, thank G-D.  Well even in this weather I can get some warmth by finding out that I've been nominated for a Stylish Blog Reward. And on my birthday too!
Thank you, to the talented Chanie from, for nominating me. Chanie's blog is always filled with amazing recipes and crafts, with gorgeous photography of her creations.

Stylish blogger award
 By accepting this award, I agreed to the four "rules" that follow:

1.Thank and link back the person that awarded it to you
2.Share 7 things about yourself
3.Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great Bloggers
4.Contact those Bloggers and tell them about their blog award
So here I go:

Thank you again, Chanie -
You should really check out her blog, if she didn't nominate me, I would have definitely nominate her.

  • I'm a procrastinator.
  • I hate house work.
  • I don't love cooking, yet you'll never catch me serving something not homemade.
  • I love wowing people with presentation of the food (this is what started me on cake decorating).
  • I like being creative.
  • I can sometimes be a perfectionist (often to me disadvantage).
  • I never considered myself artistic, I lean more to the logical side, but somehow find myself selling my work now (in cake form).
There are many blogs I read and follow.  Here are a list of blogs I recently started reading and enjoying.   You should really check them out, they are really worth looking at. The list is not in order of what I like, they are all amazing, so I listed them in alphabetical order.
I guess, I now got to go contact my nominees to let them know what I think of them.

Be well,