Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"To infinity ... and beyond!" - Toy Story Cake

There is an amazing organization here in Montreal run by Rabbi Hoffman.  Don't know if there is an equivalent in other communities to Ezras Cholim.  Everyone has a Bikar Cholim, that helps with food and transportation and such for the sick, but Ezras Cholim goes way beyond that.  R. Hoffman works as a liaison between patients and doctors.  He helps refer people to the proper doctors in a timely matter.  Many people I know talk about how lost they were, and how worried, and Rabbi Hoffman pulled them through.  Its hard to go through all the stories I've heard from people I know who were personally helped by him. 
Well this week the organization had their annual Chinese auction.  It was a beautiful event were they served the most delicious milchig dessert buffet (The chassidish community really puts my baking to shame)  The brought it a singer Glick, not my style, but beautiful none the less.  The also had a mother daughter ballet act.  Very slow classical entertainment.
The best part of the evening is that I came away with a gift certificate for $1400 toward a new Shevy Wig (as I told my husband, I won half a wig, so it'll force him to buy me the other half)  Usually, you have to wait in anticipation if you will win anything, but thanks to some curious girls who were sitting near the computer, I found out I was going to be the winner way earlier.  :-)
Yesterday, I spent the day making a Toy Story cake, for a 5 year old Toy Story fan's birthday.  I think the cake came out cute.  My boys were disappointed that it was picked up before they got home, but they admired the pictures, and started making requests for their birthdays (the next birthday in our house is 5 months away... so I'm sure it will change)

Today's cake has a whole story behind it, basically the recipient is finally allowed in to the US after 5 years, so her Canadian passport is stamped 'Dept. of US Homeland Security - Admitted'.

Now off to make a simple supper.

Have a great day,

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