Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Purim Theme Ideas - Crayon Theme

I know I promised to post a different Purim theme each day this week, but sometimes we don't have control of the situation.  Monday evening, my wireless router blew. And I didn't even know that that was possible, but somehow there is no power coming out of it.  I guess I'll have to replace that. Yesterday, I tried to get online with my computer that's actually connected to the phone line, but my husband was in middle of doing a major upload and the computer was way to slow to use.
So here I am, a day late, but I will deliver another theme, as promised.
I'm now going to go 3 years back.  My kids dressed as crayons.  Each of my boys picked a color.  I bought felt from a fabric store, as well as a thin stuffing.  This costume is super easy to make.  I sewed, but its not necessary, fabric glue will work as well. Below I wrote how I would go it if I was to use glue, but will be neater if you sewed it.

Cut the felt large enough to wrap double ply around your child loosely. Cut the stuffing to the same size (one ply) Glue the stuffing in between the 2 layers of felt.  Wrap it around your child to figure out where to make the arm wholes.  Cut out the circles for the arms. Seal the edges where you cut our with glue.  Seal the back leaving 1/2' on top for easy dressing and undressing.  Sew a button or eye and hook at the top to close the costume.  The Black on top and bottom and the oval that says crayola in it are cut out from black felt.
Use a puff fabric paint in a matching color to finish up the costume with the crayola name.
For the hat, take stiff interfacing and  cut to make a cone shape large enough to fir on you child's head.  Cover in matching felt and staple the cone to hold the shape.
For the Meshloach Mones, I bough brightly striped, colorful desktop supply holders.  I filled it with crayon decorated cookies and  other foods not related to the theme, but looked presentable.


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