Monday, February 21, 2011

Purim Theme Ideas - Talmi D. Torah

Through out a child's life, they seem to always find a character which they admire and want to emulate.  I miss the days that Torah Tots were the ultimate superhero. Cant figure out why my 8 year old sees no interest in that series.  One of my kids asked  me the other day, why I allow them to watch Agent Emes since there is violence in it (ie. Agent Emes is pushed down the stairs and wakes up later in a pool of blood)  That was a very valid question, maybe it should be erased from the allowed list.
Well, as a 1 1/2 year old, my oldest son was infatuated by Talmi D. Torah.  He was a very verbal 1 1/2 year old, and could tell you the whole video from beginning to end with less mistakes then even Reuven A Stone(the producer of the series)  Oh course, that year I HAD TO make him a Talmi D. Torah costume.
This costume was made before I even owned a sewing machine (and years before I learnt to use one)
This costume was made entirely from felt.  Even the alef bais on the luchos were individually cut out from felt.  The costume was put together in a similar fashion to the Kedem grape juice costume, but for this one I used a lot of had over stitch and more fabric glue then the later year. The crown was made by covering poster board with felt.  I cut out 3 strips of the covered board, 2 the same thickness (about 2-3 inches) and the third, a little thicker.  Take the 2 equal strips and form an "X".  Staple at the center.  Take the thicker piece and measure it around the child's head, staple together (cover staple with tape, so the sharp edges don't hurt your child).  Connect the 4 edges of the X to the crown top using staples.  For the crown jewels, I cut out a darker felt and glued them in place.
Fell free to post your costume and/or your Meshloach Mones themes and ideas in the comment section.
Mishenichnas Adar, Marbim Besimcha,

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