Sunday, February 20, 2011

Purim Theme Ideas - Shabbos Is Coming

I originally planned to carry my Purim theme topic for only a week, but since I missed a day (due to computer trouble)  I will continue with the topic.
Purim is a day where we like to take it easy in our home.  We go to a mid-morning Megilla reading, and then visit friends and invite others into our house for the whole afternoon.  And only after we are all tired out (and over sugared) do we finally settle down for a meal just before sunset.  But then there are those years that Purim coincides with Erev Shabbos.  On those years, Purim is rushed, and our meal has to be served as a lunch so that we have enough time to clean up before shobbos.  On the one hand, You almost feel like you lose out on the Purim, but at the same time, Shabbos ends up being a very festive day as it almost is a continuation of the days celebration.
A few years ago was just this type of year, and in honor of the occasion, we decided on a Shabbos theme.  Although this year Purim is not on Friday, I'm sure you can carry this theme off anyways successfully, especially since Shabbos end right into Purim.
What says Shabbos more then Kiddush wine and Challah?  For costumes I made a bottle of Kedem grape juice for one child and a challah cover for costume for the baby.
 To make the grape juice bottle, I bought a piece of purple felt large enough to wrap around my son comfortably.  For the shoulder piece, I cut out a large oval from felt that slightly over hung his shoulders. Sew or iron on a piece of stiff interfacing to the underside of the felt.cut a circle in the center, large enough to fit the child's head.   With both the large piece of felt and the shoulder board on the reverse side, sew the 2 together around the edges of the shoulder board.  Turn to the correct side (the seams are now on the inside of the garment) Try on your child to see where to cut arm wholes.  After cutting out wholes for the arms, turn the costume inside out again and sew up the back seem.  (Be certain that its not to fitted that it cannot easily be put on. I actually measured the size with a coat on so my child could possibly wear it over his coat)
For the front label, I took a piece of white felt and purple and gold fabric puff paint.  Cut out the white felt to your preferred size and round the edges.  Draw in with puff paint, coping the label to the best of your ability.
The label can be glued on with fabric glue or sewn in place.
For the hat, I used a stiff interfacing covered with purple felt.  I sewd in together to fit my sons head like a crown.  For the white cover, I used the same method as used for the body of the costume, but sized the top to the crown vs to the shoulders.  I then used fabric glue to hold it in place on top of the purple crown.
For my younger son who was only a few months old at the time and I wanted him to be in a costume that wouldn't be in anyway uncomfortable to a baby.  I bought a navy stretch valor and cut out a whole to fit his head (think tzitzis)  I then sewed a little bit under each arm so the garment should remain snug and not move around on the baby.  I sewed on gold tassel trim similar to that that we find often on challah covers.  The rest is drawn with gold and burgundy puff paint.
Mesloach Monas
I bought this really cool baking pan that the cakes come out looking like challah. I gave out amaretto cake baked to look like the challah, and placed it in a basket with a grape juice (I'm sure I put other stuff, but must have not been related to the theme, since I cannot remember what it is 6 years later) Oh boy, how I wish I took pictures of my baskets back then.  Originally I wanted to give the "challah" on a mini challah board, but I didn't get my act together quick enough (typical me)
The picture below is not the ones I used, which is more like a mini loaf pan, but I cannot find it online,   This one from Kaiser will get get you a similar look.
Kaiser Bakeware 15-Inch Classic Braided Loaf Pan
Adar Sameach,