Friday, February 18, 2011

Purim Theme Ideas - Chef

Getting into the Purim frenzy.  Orders started coming in for cookies and cookie bouquets and that alone is going to keep me busy.  But of course my own family cant be neglected, so I got to actually sit down and come up with our Purim theme.  Trying to come up with something that all 3 of my boys will agree to (however NOT Buzz Lightyear) isn't an easy feat.
This theme goes back to the time when I was totally clueless about sewing (not that I'm much better now, but at least I know more how to fake it).  The sewing of the costume was done with so many short cuts, but no one has to know that (Oh my, did I just reveal that to the entire world wide web?)
My boys are my biggest fans.  They go around advertising my cooking and baking to everyone.  They love helping out and then being able to say that they 'made' the food.  The chef costume was a big hit with them (although from the picture it looks like one of my boys really didn't like it... just don't try taking pictures of an over tired, over sugared boy) 
For the shirt, I took an old shirt, and used it as a pattern, but cut out the 2 front pieces a few inches longer than the original one so that they over lap.  The collar is left up, so that it resembles the collar of a chefs shirt.  I did not know how to do button wholes, so the buttons are sewn onto the upper lap of the shirt, and I sewed in zelcro to close the shirt. On the pocket of the shirt, I used puff fabric paint to personalize it 'Chef Yossi'. 
For the pants and the kerchief, I bought a fabric with small black and white checkered pattern.  The pants are the simplest possible to make with, I bought a pattern from McCall for a beginner.  It's literally 4 pieces cut out and sewn together with an elastic waist band.
The kerchief is made by cutting the fabric into a triangle big enough to tie around the neck.  I hemmed the edges for a more finished look.
The hat was also really simple one you figured it out.  I measured around my boys head and cut out a 2 ply strip a little wider then I wanted the band on the hat. Cut a piece f interfacing the size you will be making the band. Lay 2 stripes facing each other and interfacing on top.  Sew 3 of the sides together.  Use the 4th side to turn the band over to the correct side.  For the top of the hat, cut out a large circle and sew it to the band making pleats as you sew.  After you sew all the way around, sew velcro to the part of the band that remains unconnected for easy putting on and taking off of the hat.

Meshlaoch Monas
I wish I was more into picture taking back then.  I think it'll be a much bigger help if I could actually give you  visual of what I gave out, but unfortunately, those pictures don't exist, so a written explanation will have to suffice.
I bought small wooden cutting boards at the dollar store.  On each cutting board I placed alternating slices of different cold cuts, a small baguette (Costco's here  in Canada sells frozen ones with a hechsher), and a small Perrier.  I bought small plastic containers and gave one each of a coleslaw and a potato salad.  Used mini plastic containers for ketchup and mustard.  Covered the whole thing neatly in shrink wrap (you can also use Saran Wrap)

Please post your in the comment section, I'm sure they will be appreciated by other viewers who are still looking for ideas.


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