Sunday, February 13, 2011

Purim Theme Ideas - Pirate Theme

Just finished a cake for a customer.  He wanted a cake that wasn't occasion specific, as the party is for 3 different celebrations, 2 birthdays and a Chanukas Habais (housewarming).  This was a specialty cake, as the customers daughter has an egg allergy.

Being that this coming Friday is Purim Katan, this weeks posts will be holiday specific.  I love being creative, and Purim is the perfect time to make your originality flow.  I like to go all out in my themes.  Last year, I sewed pirate costumes.  I'm not a expert at the sewing machine, in fact I'm not even close.
A few years ago (right about the time my 6 year old was born), my husband bought me a sewing machine.  I had no clue how to turn the thing on, much less use it for anything.  I remember the first day I took it out and sat  for an hour trying to thread the machine.  I could not understand the manual at all.  Finally, out of frustration, I called a friend of mine, who had literally just given birth, and asked her to explain to me what to do with the thread.  After that, I spent some time fooling around with the machine, but still haven't figured out how to make anything correctly.  If you've been following my blog, I'm sure you noticed how I can not follow a recipe, I always have to do things my way.  Well, I found the same thing true when it came to following a pattern.
For the shirt of the costume, I made a pullover shirt, but with a non-stretch cotton.  I then made a cut down the center front and sewed it back to make a slight "V".   I bought the eyes from a store then sells all sort of trim, and found it easiest to make a small whole with something sharp and push it through, then turn it over and band down the metal teeth with a hammer or a heavy object.  I then threaded it in a criss cross matter with a thick cord also purchased at a trim store. 
For the belt, I cut out a long sash from yellow fabric.  The pants I sewed as easy pattern, but used elastic on top, around the waist and on the bottom around the ankles. The kerchief hat is red fabric cut into a triangle.  For the eye patch, I took a piece of thick black vinyl, which I cut into the correct shape to which I sewed on elastic to hold in in place on their faces.  The swords (which they insisted on) are a dollar store find.  To keep with the theme, my Meshloach Mones, was a pirate ship in a bottle.  I baked and decorated pirate ship and treasure map cookies and placed them and a small bottle of rum in a glass jar with a big opening along with brown sugar sand, mint chocolate rocks and gold chocolate coins.

My boys gave out "loot bags".  In the bags there were some of the regular nosh, and some gold coins, along with a pirate cookie.

Join me tomorrow for another fantastic Purim idea.


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