Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cranberry Pot Roast

Purple Cookbook Challenge: Week 3, Day 5.
Although Shavuot is a milchig holiday, sadly most of the meals are meat.  I know quiet a few people who prefer the meat meals, but I wish I could get away with serving them all dairy.  One year I made both day meals dairy, and lets just say, the response from the male guest was not so good.  I even had a couple of them rummage through my fridge for some leftover roast.
After that occurrence, I vowed to make only the first lunch dairy, but make sure to have enough cheesecakes and other goodies that I can eat and serve to guest, in the morning.
And so, I come to you defeated, with a roast recipe.  The Cranberry Pot Roast (Spice and Spirit, page 198) is  a delicious sweet and sour recipe.  I mistakenly defrosted a shoulder roast instead of a top of rib, but it still came out wonderful.
Tip:  Always chill your roast before slicing, to get even thin slices that don't fall apart as your cutting it.

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