Monday, May 21, 2012

Egg Kichlach

Purple Cookbook Project: Week 3, Day 2.
As a child, I used to love going to shul with my father.  We kids would run around , having fun and making noise (much like my kids do today).  Thinking of going to shul back then brings back all sorts of memories.  When my father would go to 770 for mincha, when he was able to, I'd often go along.  When the Rebbe passed through on his way to his place, he would hand out dimes to us kids, making me feel so special to be singled out in the crowd of men.  Being in the crowd of men also brings back not so find memories.  Like my long hair constantly getting caught on peoples jackets as I would try to catch up with my father.
Shabbos, we went to one of the smaller shuls in the community, Shain Shul, where we kids ran around in the alleyway or basement.  After shul there would often be a kiddush, where the men would sit around and talk while we kids looked for good things to eat from the table.  One kiddush food I always liked were the kichlach.  Lightweight, airy yet crispy, covered in a course sugar, YUM!  It's been years since I've eaten one of them (don't see it at the shul I attend these days, in Montreal :-(  ). 
Today, while flipping through the Purple Cookbook, I happened on the Egg Kichlach  (Spice and Spirit, page 401) and knew that the time has come for me to try to make them myself.  Unlike the one in my memory, these ones are coated in a Cinnamon sugar not a course sugar, but my guess would be that it would come out fabulous with the sugar as well.  Taste, as expected... LIKE!


  1. i remember those chani, in fact i still see them for sale at renfell's bakery on bates, so if you want to save yourself the trouble and just buy some, i guess you can go there. enjoy the baking!!!

    1. Thanks Esther. Part of the joy of recreating a memory is actually making the food. Besides, these cookies are super easy to make. But even if not, very rarely are there store bought baked goods in my home.