Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cream Cheese Horn of Plenty

Purple cookbook challenge: Week 3, Day 4
I love Shavuot for so many reasons.  Even though its long since I've left my school years behind, I still feel the magic in the air of the school year coming to an end.  For some reason, Shavuot, with its gorgeous weather, always meant for me the beginning of that end. 
Another reason for loving this holiday, is it gives me an opportunity to make all those dairy foods that I so long, but feel bad making during the year.  I cant make too much during the rest of the year because I know that for the most part, I'd be eating it all (really not a good thing) since beyond a little cheesecake, he doesn't eat too much dairy.  But Shavuot is the time that I can justify the 6 lb. of cheesecake I bought this week. 
Last night, I made the first of the many milchig desserts I plan to make. I started with a rugelach type of pastry.  I made the Cream Cheese Horn of Plenty (Spice and Spirit, page 114)  The dough was easy to work with, however, I did find it not sweet enough.  That was rectified with a good powdering with confectioners sugar.

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