Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lag B'Omer/Classic Potato Salad

Happy Lag B'Omer to all my readers.  Hope you all have plans to celebrate.  Here in Montreal, a parade was organized, followed by a Chaim Fogelman concert, jugglers and jumping castles in the park.
Celebrating Jewish holidays comes with many benefits. One of them is, starting the barbeque season a few weeks earlier.  For most, Memorial day, which isn't till May 28th this year, is when they bring out the barbeque and celebrate summer.  But not for us.
Last night, my family and I were graciously invited to a barbeque by my dear sister-in-law.  When I asked what I can contribute, she asked me to bring a potato salad.
Of course, I went straight to the Purple Cookbook, to figure out which one to take along. I decided to make the Classic Potato Salad (Spice ans Spirit, page 284)
I love the color combination in this salad, and the crunch imparted by the diced peppers.  The flavor was exactly what would be expected of a classic potato salad.

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