Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Dinner

So my husband decided to eat out last night, so I would not have to cook my birthday supper.  I thought it's best to go somewhere where I know the kids will actually eat (especially my one really picky eater)  So I suggested Pizza Gourmetti.  It's a cute bistro style pizza shot, where they make everything from scratch.  The pizza was really good.  It's made in a wood fire oven, and it was cheese and delicious.  They were out of  fries since they don't use frozen fries, like most other stores, but make their own oven fries from Idaho potatoes.
After last years failed birthday cake attempted (having to throw out the store bought cake almost whole, 'cuz no one would touch it - my kids have been spoiled by mommy's cakes), my husband decided to take us all for dessert to Exception 2.  They have a nice selection of pastries and cheesecake, sold in portion sizes.  Being that he didn't call in advance, we were shocked to see it closed at a quarter to 7.  (the sign on the door did say they close at 6)  With some disappointment, my boys decided they'd rather go for ice cream at Pizza Pita, then to either get a dairy ice cream cake from IGA, or wait for another day to go out for birthday dessert.  You'd think ice cream would be something easy to please my picky eater? LOL!  We asked for a little on a spoon for him to taste, and he said he LOVED IT! After taking a few licks of his strawberry ice cream on a chocolate and sprinkle dipped, sugar cone, he said he HATES ice cream.  Never try to please this boy, it's impossible!

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