Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweet Deals

I love saving money (now who doesn't, as long as it doesn't take too much out of you)  Before I left for Vegas, I found 2 pairs of dress boots I liked, in Winner's.  One was $149 and the other $99, I liked the more expensive ones better, but not $50 more, so I bought the cheaper ones.   In Arizona, last week, I found the more expensive ones for $59!  I may have only lost money at the slot machines, but coming across those shoes made me feel like I came out a winner.

Nine West boots for $59

This past Monday, I decided to take advantage of the after Christmas sales and spent the day in Carrefour Laval.  Wasn't the best shopping day ever, but I did get some deals.  Shopped for the boys for t-shirts in Children's Place ($6) and Old Navy ($1.99!) and some socks at $1 each.  My husband picked up a sweater, and some Clark's he had his eye on.  I found another pair of boots for myself.  Costed me $40, down from $165.

Suede boots, over the knee or fold over.
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