Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kids In The Kitchen #1 - Kids Can Help Too!

The kitchen is the family hub in my house.  Since I spend so much time there, my kids tend to find their way in there to hang out as well.  Often I find my self tripping over toys one of my boys left behind. (I know, why do I even bother reserving a specific room for toys?)  The kitchen also became the homework room, and also the 'Mommy! I'm bored!" room.  Since it's inevitable that they will end up there, might as well take the opportunity to get them helping out.   Here are a list of ideas that your kids can get you
kids involved.  Feel free to add more ideas in a comment below.
  • Set the table. Putting out placemats or tablecloth is easy even for a preschooler.  You can have you older kids set out the glass cups.
  • Preparing the vegetables.  My younger boys like to stand on a chair or step stool and scrub the vegetables.  My 8 year old can peel and even chop the vegetables.
  • Getting ingredients.  My boys often get the spices and other ingredients from the pantry as needed. They can help put it away after as well.
  • Mixing.  Kids love to stir the ingredients.  You can put the bowl on the table or have them pull a chair up to the counter.
  • Counting. Was that the second cup of flour, or the third?  Let your kids help you keep track.
  • Serving.  Let your kids dish out the food onto each plate and serve it at the table.
You can also take the opportunity to teach your kids about safety in the kitchen.  I will, G-D willing, be writing a post soon about how to teach your children about kitchen safety.

 Most of all, remember to enjoy your time with the kids,


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