Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dinner Tonight - Grilled Chicken Over Seseame Noodles

Tonight's dinner is compliments of my neighbor, B.M. and the Kosher By Design cookbook by Susie Fishbein.  
Kosher by Design: Picture Perfect Food for the Holidays & Every Day

Chatting with my neighbor, this morning, on the phone, she mentioned that she made the Grilled Chicken Over Sesame Noodles (page 27) and even her fussy eaters had seconds. 
Now I've got myself some fussy eaters, and I also happened to have taken out chicken cutlets for supper, and so I took up the challenge of feeding my kids this new dish.
I followed the recipe, with the only exception of opting for whole wheat pasta in place of the regular, and I boiled the leftover marinade to drizzle on top.

The spaghetti was served tossed in a sesame oil, soy sauce dressing.  And although my kids didn't mind the taste.  They said the smell of the sesame oil was too much for them to take.
The chicken was marinaded for a few hours in a teriyaki/soy sauce marinade, and that was  a big hit.  I will definitely be making the chicken again, but I think I will next time make up my own sauce to mix into the spaghetti (I do like the way it looks together, so I'll stick with a soy sauce type dressing, but much milder)
The best part of this dinner, was the actual prep time, took under 30 minutes to make (not counting marinading time)

Thanks for joining me,



  1. When I don't have sesame oil I use regular canola oil, and it tastes fine. Actually, my father prefers is that way.

  2. Thanks DubDub, I will try it like that.

  3. Thanks so very much for stopping by my blog!!!!
    Yummy Asian dish.