Monday, January 17, 2011

Restaurant Review - Chez Papa Ernie

Today, I got a little break from the kitchen, as my husband and I finally took my eldest to the restaurant for the steak he was promised a couple of months ago.

We took him to Chez Papa Ernie, on Decarie Blvd. in Montreal.  The restaurant is on the first floor of a duplex.  A short walk up from the side walk.  The restaurant doesn't have parking, but offer valet parking during dinner time.  They don't have a liquor licence and are BYOB.  The ambiance is  nice.  It's a small cozy place decorated like a ranch.  The whole room is hand painted with lots of detail (by artist Chaim Teitelbaum, my sister's brother-in-law)

We all ordered steak.   They put a very generous portion of hors d'oeuvres , assorted salads with both flat breads and rolls plus mini egg rolls and mini knishes on the table.  Everything tasted delicious.  I ordered a bean and barley soup, which was very taste and my husband and son ordered chicken noodle soups, which also was pretty good.  I wasn't as impressed with the main course.  I found the steak to be dry, and my baked sweet potato to be a bit under cooked. The roasted vegetables, while slightly under cooked, was still pretty good, and they only thing I actually finished on my plate.  My husband and son however seemed to enjoy the steak (with split hotdog on top?) as well as their side dishes.  My husband got mashed potato, which was actually really good, in presentation and taste, was served with fried shallots.  Dovid ordered fries, which isn't really hard to get right. All in all, we had a great night out, regardless of the food. (best part being that I was didn't have to spend time in the kitchen)
And guess what... my husband wants to go out tomorrow again... in honor of my birthday.

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