Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keep Those Cookbooks Clean

Ever notice how the cookbooks you love the most, are in the worst condition?  And as hard as you try, the cookbook shelf in the kitchen will never look neat due to so many out of shape cookbooks. 
Well, thanks to Shoshiet from, I have decided to purchase the wood and acrylic cookbook stand from Amazon: Kitchen Cookbook Stand. I think this might be the solution to my chocolate covered, (if I'm lucky and they are not already stuck) pages of my favorite cookbooks.

Kitchen Cookbook Stand

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  1. I find that I use the same recipes over and over, and the majority of most of my cookbooks just take up space and make my favorite recipes heavier. So I copy my favorites onto index cards and slip them into a photo album with plastic sleeves. Makes it really easy to find the things I like, all in one book, and they barely get dirty at all. It's easy to wipe off the plastic in case of catastrophe