Thursday, January 6, 2011

Awake From A Two Year Coma

So the repairman came and went.  He was the barer of good and bad news. 
I’ll get over the bad news first.  The fuses my husband checked and found to be working were not for the oven, they were for the plugs on top of the oven.   The control panel for the oven (where there is the buttons to bake/broil/self clean) has power going into it but none coming out.  Basically I need a whole new part, and he is not sure if it’s an expensive part… I await his call with a price.  So still no oven, and another Shabbat dinner to cook, without the use of an oven (at least the stove top works)
And for the good news… 2 years ago, my kitchenaid mixer came to a stubborn halt.  No gentle (or not so gentle) nudging could get it to work again.  I called Kitchenaid, only to be told that I over used, it was made to mix cakes and occasionally bread, not on a regular basis (um.. maybe they should have that written on the box, because I specifically bought it for bread making)  They told me they would take a look at it to see if its fixable for a cost of $150 + shipping + whatever the repairs actually cost.  I decided Kitchenaid was history in my book, and bought myself an Electrolux mixer. 
I love my Electrolux (which can knead large amounts of bread dough with ease), but do sometimes miss my Kitchenaid for Cakes.  The past 2 years the Kitchenaid has had it’s vacation under my sink, where it was all but forgotten.  I asked the repairman, who came today, if he knew mixers at all.  He didn’t, but agreed to look at it anyways.  He took the machine apart and found the broken piece which he said I could get at any parts store.  When he put it back together my machine sprung back to life!!!   So now I have a Kitchenaid again, but no oven, so cant try it out yet.   (and it cost me only $40 for the service call, for both the oven and the mixer!)  (checked online, and the replacement part cost $31)

My Kitchenaid mixer came out of a 2 year slumber!
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Electrolux White Assistent Stand Mixer 8 Qt.

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